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Take Control of your Health at a

 Dispensary Phoenix AZ

There’s no magic pill for wellness.

Getting back to good health and maintaining it is a puzzle with many pieces. Diet and exercise can help, the advice of a physician is invaluable, and many people have found relief through alternative therapies including medical marijuana.

When using marijuana for therapeutic purposes, you want to make sure you’re getting a consistent dose of a clean product.

You can do that by buying through a marijuana dispensary.

What to Look For in a Dispensary Phoenix AZ

Don’t gamble with your health; buy medical marijuana from a reputable institution.

When looking a place to buy from, keep an eye out for:

  • A state licensed medical marijuana dispensary.
  • A program that is overseen by a board-certified physician.
  • All-organic product with no added chemicals that could interfere with any other medication you take.
  • Convenience. Look at the dispensary’s location, hours of operation, and ease of purchasing the marijuana.
Dispensary Phoenix AZ

Encanto Green Cross, the Best Dispensary Phoenix AZ

Encanto Green Cross is a family owned and operated business that proudly serves Arizona with Chong Certified Strains of medical marijuana.

We are open in central Phoenix, seven days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM.

Our board certified physician has approved our all-organic marijuana strains and our clients can rely on us to sell quality products with consistent concentrations of cannabinoids.

At Encanto Green Cross, we understand our clients’ time is valuable and provide several ways to order products.

These include a convenient and discreet phone app and online purchasing, letting you place your order from home and pick it up later.

Dispensary Phoenix AZ

We offer a wide range of marijuana strains in several forms, from concentrates to flowers to edible products.

Not sure what to get?

Our highly trained and educated Budtenders will consult with you and help you find the right product to enhance your wellbeing. No more asking, “where is the right dispensary near me?”

Dispensary Phoenix AZ