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Quality Cheap Cannabis

At Encanto Green Cross, we follow the best practices resulting in the highest quality meds. We can also offer the best prices in the STATE, given we grow our own!

From cultivation to the dispensary, our team uses organic materials to ensure the cleanest flowers & extracts. Holistic thinking & environmental control are absolutely paramount when planning & managing our cultivation. This includes having an extremely well-planned layout for all equipment, plants, & operations. Keeping a balanced environment allows us to streamline the workflow & maximize our harvest. Eliminating unnecessary duties, treatments, pests, & protocols directly relates to the cost. The results are lower prices for our partners.

Our team consists of the most experienced biologists, botanists, & cultivators who ensure our plants are well taken care of! Our crop is provided adequate organic nutrition & pests are kept under control. At our site, Lab Grade Air, allows us to proactively protect our crop without using harmful pesticides or fungicides. Also, our indoor grow operations enable a year-long growing season. The conditions are tightly controlled producing plants that are cleaner, better tasting, aromatic, & higher in THC content.

Lastly, while we offer cheap cannabis, WE FOCUS ON QUALITY! The way we run our cultivation allows us to be somewhat single-minded with most our attention being dedicated to providing the best growth environment yielding the best harvest!